Tumblin' & Mumblin'

I've found a new love for documenting my experiences. Join me as I mess around with iMovie & photography! @OSFashion

Took a walk thru @OccupyWallSt this morning - was fortunate enough to catch Russell Simmons! cc: @UncleRush

My boy @gothamgreen’s camio at Rockwood Music Hall - forgot to post on Tumblr.

On the Downtown 2 #NYC - this guy had 20 mag clips of @selenagomez - expressing his love 4 her as best he could. 

#Batman 3 is filming in front of my apt. This is what I was able to capture before getting yelled at, excessively. #NYC

My crazy nephews on #Diwali this past week at my sisters place. 

this video has given me unmatched happiness.  take some time to laugh for 3 mins, and watch now!

Wall St. Protest Day 3.  taken from outside my apt. at 8:45AM this morning…the first shot is facing the entrance to my building. not convinced as per the effectiveness of this campaign. seems as though media refuses to cover it. …shocker.

omg - you must watch this dance scene!  mac & me is on @netflix instant - seriously can’t wait.