Tumblin' & Mumblin'

I've found a new love for documenting my experiences. Join me as I mess around with iMovie & photography! @OSFashion

From a recent trip to FL w/ some of my closest friends from childhood - let’s just say…we went hard. Florida folk don’t dance…NY burns it up!

Had a great time at the Vision Expo Show with Division1 Specs! This is some of my iphone footage of Safilo Group’s Runway Show ft. McQueen, Gucci, MaxMara, Kate Spade, + more.

On Thursday Feb 9th 2012, I had attended the @MissNolcha Fashion Week.  Here’s a Vid Recap from the late afternoon shows.

Had a great time over at Wildwood BBQ near Union Square last night.  Mostly because the Giants are now the 2011 NFL Season Champions!!!! 

Crazy guy on NYC subway preaching about how we are terrible human beings. Occupy the Subway mah man!

Went to Lijo (@LKochu) and Tom’s (@TomBelloJr) @theFBNYsnitch game this past weekend - here’s the recap.

My nephew demanding that I read him a book.  He got no love. 

Saw these guys walking a thin ledge across the st from my apt - 25th floor!  Absolutely insane.